Saturday, January 22, 2011

Linda Stirling as Claire Forrest

From the movie serial Manhunt of Mystery Island comes damsel Claire Forrest, played by the beautiful Linda Stirling. It seems Ms Forrest's father is missing and she and the movies hero, Lance Reardon (Richard Baily) have come searching for him. From there on, Claire finds herself put in numerous peril, courtesy of the movies villian, Captain Mephisto (Roy Barcroft). Not just a helpless damsel, Claire manages to kick one bad guy and shoot another, both while bound and gagged. One of the better serials from the Republic company.


  1. Linda Stirling became Republic's serial queen from 1944-46. She made six serials, two of which she was the lead character. Her first was the Tiger Woman (1944) and her second was Zorro's Black Whip in which she played the only female Zorro imitator. I knew her in her later years. Good letter correspondent.

  2. Ms Stirling first two serials did certainly include plenty of talking points!

    Firstly it wasn't discovered until it was released that the studio realised that Ms Stirling's 'Tiger Suit', was in fact made out of Leopard skin that resulted in a name chance and a dubbed voice over of the term 'Tiger Woman' to the 'Çhosen One'.

    Another glaring mistake that is often commented on that when the natives are out side they are seen in a type of red indian costume that could be Navaho but outside they have a different costume all together and appear as Aztec types!

    And another confusing fact the in her first serial, that hamming it up as one of the bad guys was George J Lewis, and in Ms Stirling's second serial he was one of the good guys.

    And Ms Stirling's second serial 'Zorro's Black Whip', was one of the few times the hero in serials was a woman, and the only time that the hero's name is mentioned in the tittle, but some reason never in the serial.