Saturday, December 13, 2014

Quieting Carly

 It seems Carly Shay (Miranda Cosgrove) was one of those girls that needed quieting occasionally  by having a hand clamped over her mouth.

Sam Puckett (Jennette McCurdy) then found a better to keep her quiet, with the help of a little duct tape.

Missed Oppurtunity - Sam And Cat

Sam Puckett (Jennette McCurdy) had already tied and gagged one best friend, Carly Shay (Miranda Cosgrove) on iCarly, so why not another.  Cat Valentine (Ariana Grande) would have made a lovely bundle, bound and gagged by Sam on the  series, Sam And Cat.  Unfortunately, this show was cancelled before this could happen.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Damsels Bound, Gagged And In Cages

Anna Lauren - Dalziel And Pascoe    
Louise Robey - Friday The 13th:  The Series   
Demetra Hampton - Valentina    
Numerous actresses from Thoroughly Modern Millie (above and below)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

More Cartoon Damsels

 Sara from Gallery Fake   
 Lucy from Speed Racer:  The Next Generation   
 Kathy from Animal Island   
 Sofia from Loulou de Montmartre   
 Constance from Anime Sanjushi
Neri from The New Adventures Of Ocean Girl   

Friday, October 10, 2014

Duct Tape Gags

 Leighton Meester  (Drive Thru) and Kristen Chenoweth  (Family Weekend)   
Nataaaja Kinski  (Cold Heart) and Alenandra Paul  (Facing The Enemy) 
Robin Tunney  (Prison Break) and Linzey Cocker  (Enemies Closer) 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Damsel Wishlist: 2014 Fall Shows

Fall has arrived and brought with it new seasons and new shows on television.  With them comes the opportunity for new damsels in distress on these shows.  Following are some actresses I would like to see bound and gagged in the upcoming season.  While there are many ladies I would like to see get the 'full treatment', such as Kaley Cuoco from The Big Bang Theory, Mindy Kaling of The Mindy Project, and a back-to-back tie featuring Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs from 2 Broke Girls, I have only chosen shows whose plot lines give the chance of an actress being tied up, however remote that chance is.  So, here goes:

 Lucy Liu  (Elementary) - I choose Joan Watson every year and have gotten a minor tie-up each of the shows first two seasons.  Here's hoping the third times a charm.
Sarah Shahi and Amy Acker  (Person Of Interest) - Both Sameen Shaw and Root (Samantha Groves) have had their wrists tied in front, so there is hope one or both will be bound more extensively.
Jadyn Wong  (Scorpion) - She plays Happy Quinn, a mechanical genius in a group of geniuses, helping a federal agent solve or stop crimes.  Not sure if any ropes are in her future, but given her spunky attitude, she would make a great struggler.
Stephanie Beatriz  (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) - I know, I know, it's a comedy series and they rarely have any tie-up scenes of worth.  However, she does play a detective, Rosa Diaz, so there might be an undercover operation that goes wrong.  A stretch, but she would be another great struggling damsel.
Tamara Taylor and Michaela Conlin  (Bones) - A double damsel scene with Camille Saroyan and Angela Montenegro would be fantastic!  Unlikely, but fantastic.
Nicole Behaire  (Sleepy Hollow) - As Abbie Mills, she was already strapped down on a table in season one, although voluntarily, so the show's not afraid to restrain it's star.  I believe there is a good chance Abbie will spend more time in some sort of restraint this season.
 Pauley Perrette  NCIS) - Probably never going to happen, but what a sight it would be having Abby Sciuto bound and gagged in one of her great outfits.
Maggie Q  (Stalker) - Has to be the best chance for a tie-up scene.  As Lt Beth Davis of the Threat Assessment Unit, her job puts her in contact with just the sort of person who would bind and gagged an innocent damsel, including a pretty policewoman trying to stop him (or her).
Candice Patton  (The Flash) - She plays Iris West, the daughter of a police detective and best friend of a super-hero.  With those sorts of relations, is there any doubt she will be kidnapped sometime during the show, maybe more than once?  Another good chance for a damsel in distress scene.

Well, those are my choices for potential and wishful damsels this season.  Feel free to comment on these or your own selections.  Thank you.